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Please Like my Facebook page:!/pages/Justbewicklesscom-Jamie-Falkevitz-Independent-Scentsy-Director/332702796741948             If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be in the Direct Sales business I would have laughed but after attending a party I was hooked for life! I have been a candle lover for many years and I have always searched for the best burning, and most fragrant candle available. As a stay at home mom of 5  I was always worried about the traditional flame candle, with my crew I'm sure someone will knock it over or touch the flame. Scentsy warmers are decorative and act as a night light in the evening. There is no flame, black soot, and you don't have to worry about forgetting to put a candle out. Scentsy warmers melt wax at a low temperature with a low watt light bulb so they are safe for children and pets. There are dozens of colors, and styles to choose from so they will fit any decor.  Scentsy has over 80 fragrances to choose from there is one sure to please everyone! Just Be Wickless and you won't be sorry I promise! If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I can go into further detail about this wonderful product. I can also help you place an order or host a party. If you fall in love with Scentsy as I have then maybe you want to join my team and I will be more than happy to tell you how! For only $99 you will receive everything you need to start your growing business! Get extra money to pay for a car payment or that trip you always wanted to take!  By taking this amazing journey I'm able to stay at home with my children, work my own hours and still be able to watch my children at their many different activities.  Join my team and I will show you how I earned a FREE all inclusive paid trips to Punta Cana, Hawaii, Cancun, and became director in less than 2 years!   Come be part of our Just Be Wickless family!   <!--endbody-->